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Cook and Hold Ovens

Spidocook (Caldolux) SCH 030-GB Slow-Cook And Hold Oven

Spidocook (Caldolux) SCH 030-GB Slow-Cook And Hold Oven

Spidocook (Caldolux) SCH 030-GB Slow-Cook And Hold Oven

Price: 1,374.00
(1,648.80 Including VAT at 20%)

CALDOLUX Cook & Hold is a static oven for Low Temp Cooking (max 120°C) and Hold (max 100°C), with full cycle up to max 10+10 hrs. It is designed to produce better food quality and higher yields than normal convection ovens. The Digital Control panel allows full cycle parameters setting. CALDOLUX use allows maximum return on investment, thanks to greater yield, energy efficiency, reduced labour and intelligent use of space.

Cooking Quality - Slow and low-temperature cooking allows you to cook slowly, gradually enhancing the softness of the meat and reducing weight loss. Thanks to the core probe you can always obtain juicy, evenly cooked food.

Fast Service - The holding function (HOLD) keeps the food inside the cooking chamber at the ideal temperature for its consumption. Dishes are always ready for a fast service, even at peak hours.

High Performance & Compact Dimensions - With CALDOLUX you can build real cooking and holding stations stacking one or more slow-cooking ovens. This solution allows you to cook at the same time foods that require different cooking times and temperatures. You will also be able to better manage the workload using one or both ovens.

Digital Control - For each cooking cycle, select the chamber temperature and then decide when the cooking will end. At the end of the cooking process, the oven automatically switches to the holding phase at set temperature (max. 100°C) keeping your food warm and ready at all times.

Mobile - Four handles make it very easy to move; in this way you can cook or hold food at the ideal consumption temperature everywhere. The unit also runs of a 13amp plug.

Humidity - The exhaust slots, both at the front (adjustable) and at the bottom of the chamber (always open), allow to excess humidity to be expelled.

Technical Information:
Capacity: 3 x 1/1 gastronorm
Shelf Pitch: 67mm
Maximum cooking temperature: 120°C
Maximum holding temperature: 100°C
Weight: 21kg
Electrical loading: 0.76kW 230V~
436mm x 645mm x 409mm
One year parts and labour warranty

The unit is not supplied with grids or pans and is designed to accept 1/1 gastronorm equipment


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