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Catering Equipment Supply

At KCM we appreciate that catering equipment can take a large part of any refurbishment budget, we have established links with a large number of catering equipment manufacturers to ensure that we can supply a wide range of equipment to cover every requirement. Our prices are amongst the most competitive in the marketplace and we constantly review our prices to ensure that we can pass on to you the best possible savings.

We are able to source and install a huge range of catering equipment suitable for any size of operation from a coffee shop to a large catering operation, but more importantly we will ensure that it is correct for your operation. We can discuss and advise you on your needs based on your current requirements, take into account any growth predictions and come up with a range of options that will suit your budget. We will not advise you to spend money on overly expensive equipment that you are not going to use, our interests are best served by creating you a perfect well balanced kitchen that you are happy with.

We are also able to offer individual items of equipment, with or without services works and / or installation as you require, our catering equipment pages provides details and costs hundreds of items many available to purchase on-line. If you require items not listed, require further details or would like a written quote then please contact us for further details.

Some of the catering equipment manufacturers / importers that we distribute that you can find specified and priced in our catering equipment pages are listed below :

Adande Refrigeration

Adande Refrigeration

Highly flexible and econmoic refrigerated drawer systems

Amerex Fire Internaional

Amerex Fire Internaional

Amerex offers the widest choice of approved kitchen fire suppression in the market place with detection and suppression options to suit every scenario.

The system is listed by Underwriter’s laboratories, Inc., (UL) and tested to standard UL300. Also approved by LPCB (LPS1223)

Blue Seal

Blue Seal

Oven Ranges, bratt pans, griddles, ovens, grills, fryers, pasta cookers, convection ovens, bake off ovens, pizza ovens, bakery equipment, ware washing, hot food display units, combination ovens

Turbofan - Convection and Bakery Ovens
Cobra - Prime Cooking Equipment
Evolution - Prime Cooking Equipment
FastFri - High output fryers
Boss Contract Furniture

Boss Contract Furniture

Contract furniture manufacturer offering a large range of furniture ideal for the foodservice sector

Caffe Society

Caffe Society

Bean to cup coffee machines, juice extractors, slush machines, instant beverage machines, espresso coffee machines, coffee grinders, thermofresh coffee systems, soft heat coffee systems, filter coffee machines, bulk brew coffee machines, water boilers

BUNN - Thermofresh Coffee Systems, Soft Heat Coffee Systems, Coffee Servers, Infusion Coffee Brewers, Filter Coffee Machines, Bulk Brew Coffee Systems, Coffee Grinders, Water Boilers
Brasilia - Espresso Coffee Machines, Coffee Grinders, Bean to Cup Coffee Machines
Cater-Bake UK

Cater-Bake UK

Pizza Ovens, Conveyor Pizza Ovens, Bakery Ovens, Dough Mixing & Preparation Equipment, Chargrill's, Food Preparation Equipment, Stainless Steel Sinks and Tables, Commercial Refrigeration, Pizza Accessories

Kingfisher - Pizza Ovens, Mixers, Pizza Press, Stainless Steel Sinks and Tables, Commercial Refrigeration
Fage - Pizza Ovens
Pizza Master - Pizza Ovens
Zanolli - Pizza Ovens, Conveyor Ovens, Bakery Ovens
Fimar - Dough Mixers, Chargrills, Food Slicers, Veg Preparation
Pastaline - Dough Dividers, Dough Rollers
GEMM - Commercial Refrigeration
Celltherm Coldrooms

Celltherm Coldrooms

Modular and bespoke coldrooms for foodservice

Charvet Premier Ranges

Charvet Premier Ranges

Quality bespoke and modular prime cooking equipment

Pro 700, Pro 800, Pro 900 and Pro 1000



Water treatment systems, glasswashers, ice machines, undercounter dishwashers, pass through dishwashers, conveyor dishwashers, utensil washers, detergents and hygiene products for warewashers


Upright glass door fridges and freezers, countertop fridges and freezers, ice cream machine, impulse display freezers, ice cream freezer, can cooler, back bar refrigeration


Glasswashers, undercounter dishwashers, pass through dishwashers, conveyor rack dishwashers

Ecomax - Commercial warewashing
Ecomax plus - Commercial warewashing
Falcon Foodservice Equipment

Falcon Foodservice Equipment

Ranges, Oven Ranges, Boiling Tables, Bains' Marie, Fryers & Filtration Units, Grills, Griddles, Chargrills, Steaming Ovens, Pasta Boilers, Bratt Pans, Hotcupboards, Combi Ovens, Stockpot Stoves, Wok Ranges, Boiling Pans, Tilting Kettles, Bake-off Ovens, Water Boilers

Chieftain - Heavy Duty Prime Cooking Equipment
Dominator Plus - Medium Duty Prime Cooking Equipment
Falcon 350 - Back Bar Equipment
PRO-LITE - Light Duty Electric Equipment
Groen - Steaming & Boiling Technology
Fast Food Systems

Fast Food Systems

Heated Showcases, Refrigerated Showcases, Pass-Thru Showcases, Fries and Burger Servers, Hot Dog Equipment, Conveyor Toasters, Hot Holding Cabinets, Chip Dumps, Relish Racks, Corn Cooker, Burger Chute, Cheese Warmer, Sauce Bar, Pressure Smoker, Dumper Bins, Modular Fast-Serv Equipment, Popcorn Equipment, Fast Food Modular Counters, Grills, Pizza Pouches, Meals Bags, Ice Makers, Cup Dispensers, Refrigeration, Chicken Spits, Pressure Fryer, Fryers, Combi Ovens, Fast Food Trays, Soft Ice Cream Machines, Fast Food Menu Systems

Vizu - Fast food catering equipment
Server - Topping Dispensers
Selecto - Water Filtration Systems
Mainstreet - Fast Food Menu Systems
Foster Refrigeration

Foster Refrigeration

Refrigerated counters, refrigerated cabinets, undercounter refrigeration, food prep refrigeration, blast chillers and freezers, bakery refrigeration, drinking water coolers, ice machines, coldrooms, temperature monitoring, bar refrigeration

EcoPro - Cabinets and counters
EcoPrem - Cabinets and counters
Gamko - Bar refrigeration
Franke Sissons

Franke Sissons

Stainless steel catering equipment - wash hand basins, drinking water fountains, janitorial unit, bucket sinks, sink bowls, catering sinks, pot wash sinks, bar sinks, rinse sinks, wall tables, centre tables, wall cupboards, floor cupboards, catering trolleys, plate stacking trolleys, catering taps, overhead sprays
Gamble Foodservice Solutions

Gamble Foodservice Solutions

Restaurant ranges, Salamander Broilers, Cheesemelter Broilers, Range match char-broilers, Range match spreader plate bain marie, Fryers, Fryer filter systems, Char Broilers, Heavy duty oven ranges, Sizzle 'n Chill systems, Convection ovens, Griddles, Teppan-Yaki Griddles, Boiling tops, Stockpot Ranges, Conveyor Pizza and Bake Ovens, Pizza Ovens, DoughPro, Banquet Cabinets, Cook and Hold Ovens,

Imperial Elite - Prime cooking equipment
Montague Legend - Prime cooking equipment
FWE - Banquet Cabinets, Cook and Hold Ovens
MKN - Combination ovens
Ovention - Matchbox oven
Vacmaster - Vacuum packing machines
Hatco - Servery systems and merchandisers, Holding cabinets and toasters


Gastronorm Refrigeration Cabinets, Gastronorm Refrigerated Counters, Blast Chillers, Compact Refrigeration, Bakery Refrigeration, Chest & Display Refrigeration, Coldrooms

Gram Plus - Gastronorm Cabinets 2/1 GN Deep
Gram Twin - Gastronorm Cabinets 2/1 Wide
Gram Euro - Gastronorm Cabinets 60cm Wide
Gram Midi - Gastronorm Cabinets 60cm wide
Gram Gastro 07 - Gastronorm Counters 1/1 GN
Gram Gastro 08 - Gastronorm Counters 2/1 GN
Gram Process - Roll in Cabinets / Blast Chillers & Freezers
Gram Baker - Bakery Cabinets
Gram Compact - Undercounter & Gastronorm Compact Refrigeration
Gram CF & Display - Chest Freezers / Ice Cream Freezers
Gram Monitor - Data Loggers


Glasswashers, Dishwashers, Tabling Systems, Utensil Washers, Waste Disposal Units, Water Treatment Units, Rack Systems, Rack Type Warewashers, Flight Type Warewashers, Convection Steamers, Convection Ovens, Pressure Steamers, Oven Ranges, Bratt Pans, Gas Fryers, Electric Fryers, Salamander Grills, Charbroilers. Conveyor Ovens, Microwaves, Induction Cooking, Griddles, Boiling Kettles, Pasta Cookers, Mixers, Food Processors, Slicers, Peelers, Pressure Boilers, Water Heaters


Ice makers - self contained, modular with both cube, cubelet, nugget and 'top hat' ice cubes, Ice flakers, ice storage bins, ice transport system, ice dispensers, sushi case, gastronorm cabinet and counter refrigeration


Vegetable Preparation Machines, Food Waste Disposal, Waste Compaction, Silver Burnishing, Cleaning & Rinsing, Bar Systems, Bottle Cooling and Glass Frosting

Reel Kleen - Retractable Hose Rell Pre-Rinse Sprays
Bartender - Premium Stainless Steel Underbar System
F2 - Stainless Steel Underbar System
Barcooler - Modular Refrigerated Back Bar System
Mistral - Back Bar Bottle Coolers
Hurricane - Back Bar Bottle Coolers
Ventus - Back Bar Bottle Coolers
BM - Top Loading Bottle Coolers
FR - Glass Frosters


Autofill Water Boilers, Wall Mounted Water Boilers, Under Counter Water Boilers, Steam and Water Boilers, Cup Carousels and Holders
Jaguar Espresso Systems

Jaguar Espresso Systems

Espresso Machines, Coffee Grinders, Beans to Cup Coffee Machines, Freshbrew Coffee Machines, Table Top Coffee Machines, Glasswashers, Dishwashers, Water Boilers

Iberital - Semi-Auto & Auto Espresso Coffee Machines & Grinders
Cunill - Coffee Grinders
MACAP - Coffee Grinders

Jestic Foodservice Equipment

Jestic Foodservice Equipment

Woodstone - Stone Hearth Cooking Equipment
Henny Penny - Fast food frying equipment
Bakers Pride - Chargrills, Pizza Ovens, Convection Ovens
Josper - Charcoal Ovens
Jesco - Pasta Cookers
Rotisol - Rotisserie Ovens
Ubert - Rotisserie Ovens, Heated and Refrigerated Deli Displays
Somerset - Dough Rollers


Combi Steamers, Oven Ranges, Boiling Tops, Fryers, Salamander Grills, Chargrills, Griddles, Bratt Pans, Chip Scuttles, Bain Marie, Pasta Boilers, Worktops, Stands, Pedestalls, Convection Ovens, Microwave Ovens, Pizza Ovens, Fume Units, Hot Cupboards, Trolleys, Water Boilers, Coffee Machines, Toasters, Gastrowell Displays, Display Cases, Merchandisers, Heated Display Units

Opus - Medium / Heavy Duty Prime Cooking Equipment
Silverlink 600 - Light / Medium Duty Modular Cooking Equipment
Lynx 400 - Light Duty Cooking Equipment
Panther - Hot Cupboards, Trolleys & Restaurant Trolleys
Seal - Food Merchandisers
Linda Lewis Kitchens

Linda Lewis Kitchens

Deck Pizza Ovens, Conveyor Pizza Ovens, Pizza Press, Pizza Formers, Dough Mixers, Commercial Refrigeration, Planetary Mixers, Potato Peelers, Food Slicers, Rotisseries, Fryers, Chargrills, Stockpot Stoves, Glasswashers, Dishwashers

Cuppone - Pizza Equipment
Fimar - Food preparation equipment
Arris - Vapour Grills
Universo SRL - Chargrills
FAC - Food Slicers
Elframo - Fryers
Maidaid Halcyon

Maidaid Halcyon

Glasswashers, undercounter dishwashers, pass through dishwashers, dishwash tabling systems, minirack dishwashers, rack conveyor dishwashers, flight dishwashers, utensil and post wash machines, ice makers, back bar bottle coolers, espresso coffee machines, water softeners, dishwash baskets and stands, warewashing chemicals, stainless steel fabrications

Amika - Glasswashers and dishwashers
Maidaid 'C' Range - Electromechanical glasswashers and dishwashers
Maidaid 'D' Range - Electronic Glasswashers and dishwashers
Maidaid Evolution - Glasswashers and dishwashers
Maidaid 'Minirack' - High volume warewashing
Maidaid Rack Conveyors - High volume warewashing
Maidaid Flight Machines - Very high volume warewashing
Maidaid Icemakers - Integral ice machines, Modular ice makers, Granular Ice Flakers,
Halcyon - Back Bar Bottle Coolers
Bezzera - Espresso Coffee Machines and Accessories
Mechline Developments

Mechline Developments

Pre-Rinse Sprays, Contract Range Kitchen Taps, Premium Commercial Kitchen Taps & Sprays, Water Hoses & Valves, Gas Installation Products, Insect Killers, Hand Dryers, Soap Dispensers

Aquajet - Pre-rinse Sprays & Faucets
Pegler - Contract Taps
Delabie - Pre-rinse sprays, faucets, electronic & manual hand free taps
MOEL - Insect Killers, Hand Dryers & Soap Dispensers
GreasePak - Grease management systems


Front Loading Glasswashers, Front Loading Dishwashers, Pass Through Dishwashers, Thermal Disinfection Dishwashers, Utensil Washers, Marine Specification Dishwashers, Basket Transport Dishwashing Machines, Belt Conveyor Dishwashing Machines, Potwashers, Salad Washers, Vegetable Washers, Water Treatment and Conditioning, Washing Racks, Dollies and Plate Stackers

ECO Series - Undercounter and passthorugh warewashing
Premium Series - Undercounter and passthorugh warewashing
M-iQ - New generation rack and flight dishwashers
K-Tronic - Rack transport dishwashers


Bread and Meat Slicing Machines, Mixing Machines, Potato Chipping Machines, Potato Peeling Machines, Vegetable Preparing Machines, Waste Disposal Units, Food Processors, Fruit Juicers and Sectionizers, Can Crushers, Can Openers, Crown Punch Can Openers, Kitchen Utensils, Knife Racks, Knife Sharpeners, Scales, Bar Blenders, Kitchen Blenders, Drinks Mixers, Ice Crushers

Edlund - Can Openers, Scales, Kitchen Equipment
Hamilton Beech Commercial - Blenders, Mixers and Ice Crushers
Ceado - Blendersm ice crushers, juicers and mixers
Roband - High speed grills, Sucloid toaster, griddle toasters, water urns, heat lamps, rice cookers and milkshake mixers
Nemco - Manually operated preparation equipment
Middleby UK

Middleby UK

Fryers, Conveyor Ovens, Convection Ovens, Charbroilers, Conveyor Toasters, Oven Ranges, Ice Makers, Pizza Equipment

Pitco - Fryers
Blodgett - Conveyor & Convection Ovens
MagiKitch'n - Charbroilers
Star - Sandwich Grills
Holman - Conveyor Toasters and Ovens
Giga - Prime Cooking Equipment
Houno - Combination Ovens
Carter Hoffmann - Cook a dn Hold Cabinets
Brema - Ice Makers


Fryers, Chip Scuttles, Bains Marie, Boiling Tops, Hot Tops, Pasta Boilers, Griddles, Grill, Hot Food Merchandising, Water Boilers, Convection Ovens, Banqueting Trolleys, V-gen Trolleys, Regeneration Ovens, In-counter Regeneration, Wall Benches, Centre Tables, Storage Cupboards, Chef's Preparation Tables, Shelving, COSHH Cupboards, Hot Cupboards, Mobile Hot Cupboards, Multiplex Stainless Steel Kitchen Units, Sterilising Sinks, Dishwash Tabling, Shelving Systems and Racking, Mobile Racking and Trolleys, Countertop Display Units, Drop-in Servery Units, Retail Display Units

V-gen - Regeneration Ovens
Focus - Stainless Steel Kitchen Furniture
Versitop - Countertop Display
Elgin - Servery Counters
P+L Systems

P+L Systems

Electronic Fly Killers, Glueboard Fly Killers, Knife Sterilisers, Hand Wash Basins, Chain Link Curtain, Washroom Odour Control, Fragrance Dispensers, Hand Dryers, Soap Dispensers, Professional Cleaning Products

Insect-o-Cutor, Flyzap, Flylite, Eurozap, Exocutor, Insectaflash, Luralite, Satalite - Fly Killers
Insectachain - Chain Link Curtain



Deep Fat Fryers, Oven Ranges, Combination Ovens, Microwave Ovens, Griddles, Chargrills, Boiling Tops, Grills, Mobile Servery, Salad Carts, Plate Warmers, Bain Maries, Counter Top Servery Equipment, Pizza Cabinets, Pie Cabinets, Nacho / Popcorn Warmers, Food Merchandisers, Slicers, Flykillers, Chip Dumps, Speed Rails, Salad Counters, Bottle Coolers, Ice Makers, Fridges, Freezers, Counter Refrigeration, Stainless Steel Fabrications, Glasswashers, Dishwashers, Water Boilers

Precision Refrigeration

Precision Refrigeration

Gastronorm single and double refrigerated cabinets, wine cabinets, wet fish refrigerated cabinets, dual temperature refrigeration, Refrigerated counters, Refrigerated prep stations, Under broiler refrigerated counters, Refrigerated wall cabinets, Back bar bottle coolers, Glass frosters


Gas and electric combination ovens and accessories

Combimaster - Manual control combination ovens
SelfCooking Center - Automatic combination ovens


Gas and electric combination and baking ovens

Blue Vision - Innovative fully automatic combi ovens
Orange Vision - High performance, functional and cost effective combi ovens
Deli Master - All in one, flexible bakery oven
RH Hall

RH Hall

Prime cooking equipment, pizza equipment, food preparation equipment, snack equipment, beverage equipment, commercial refrigeration, display equipment, warewashing, commercial laundry, hygiene and storage solutions, medical solutions

Maestrowave - Commercial microwave ovens, pizza ovens, potato ovens, contact grills, conveyor toasters, soup kettles, insect control, hand dryers
Panasonic - Commercial microwave ovens
Sharp - Commercial microwave ovens, cash registers
Smeg - Bake off ovens
Electrolux - Combination steaming ovens, prime cooking equipment, food preparation equipment, commercial refrigeration, commercial warewashing
King Edward - Potato ovens
Cygnet - Water boilers
Calomax - Water boilers
Marco - Water boilers
Rancillo - Espresso coffee machines
Grigia - Espresso coffee machine
Mazzer - Coffee grinders
Miele - Professional dishwashers and glasswashers, commercial laundry
Norpe - Back bar bottle coolers, Refrigerated displays
Scotsman - Ice makers
Nirey - Knife sharpeners
Dualit - Contact grillsm
Simply Stainless - Stainless steel catering fabrications
Crown Verity - Professional barbecues and cooking systems
Vax - Vacuum cleaners and carpet washers
Robot Coupe

Robot Coupe

Food Processors, Vegetable Preparation Machines, Table Top Vertical Cutter Machines, Floor Standing Vertical Cutter Machines, Blixers, Stick Blenders, Combi Mixers, Automatic Sieves, Sorbet & Ice Cream Machines, French Bread Slicer, Cutlery Chutes
Roller Grill

Roller Grill

Fryers, Mini Grills, Salamander Grills, Pizza Ovens, Hot Plate Units, Hot Dog Machines, Rolling Hot Dog Grills, Steamers, Egg Boilers, Lava Rock Grill, Soup Kettles, Griddles, Contact Grills, Sandwich Branding Plate, Conveyor Toaster, Chicken Rotisseries, Waffle Irons, Convection Ovens, Heated Display Cabinets, Bain Marie, Hot Cupboards, Fish / Meat Smoker, Cooling Displays, Salad Bars, Chilled Drinking Fountains, Crepe Machines, Kebab Grills
Rowlett Rutland

Rowlett Rutland

Bandsaws, Boiling Tops, Bowl Cutter, Burger Press, Crepe Machines, Chargrills, Contact Grills, Electric Graters, Hotdog Machines, Lava Rock, Multiple Hotplates, Mincers, Bakery & Convection Ovens, Mini Ovens, Stockpot Stoves, Belt Slicers, Electric Slicers, Gravity Slicers, Tenderiser & Strip Cutter, Waffle & Cone Machines, Toasters, Roller Toasters


Glasswashers, Dishwashers, Conveyor Dishwashers, Water softeners, Utensil Washers, Cutlery drier-polisher, Potato Peelers, Salad Driers, Food Mixers, Spiral Mixers, Pizza Formers, Vegetable Preparation Machines, Portable Liquidisers and Beaters, Food Processors, Emulsifyers, Meat Mincers, Electric Slicers, Bone Saw, Container Thermo-sealer, Baguette Slicer, Hand Chipping Machine, Hamburger Press, Can Opener, Blast Chiller, Vacuum Packing Machines, Citrus Juicers, Multi-Juicers, Blenders, Drinks Mixers, Ice Crusher, Milk Heater, Soup Kettle, Coffee Machines, Microwave Ovens, Snack Ovens, Toasters, Pancake Machines, Gyros / Kebab Machines, Pizza Ovens, Fryers, Vitro-Grill, Griddle Plates, Contact Grill, Salamander Grill, Flykiller
S&S Northern

S&S Northern

Gas interlock control panels, gas solenoid valves, airflow pressure switches, remote emergency stop switches, fan current monitors

Merlin - Gas interlock control panels to conform to BS6173:2009
Trak Hupfer

Trak Hupfer

Shelving systems, transport trolleys, stacking equipment, mobile bain maries, food transport trolleys, banquet trolleys, tray trolleys, Conveyor and counter systems

NORM 20 - Free standing aluminium shelving systems
NORM 12 - Free standing aluminium / polymer shelving systems
NORM 5 - Freestanding stainless steel shelving systems
NORM 25 - Freestanding stainless steel shelving systems
Uropa Distribution

Uropa Distribution

Commercial microwave ovens, wine coolers, food mixers, food preparation equipment, prime cooking equipment, insect control, ice cube makers, back bar bottle coolers, commercial refrigeration, juicers, drinks dispensers, water boilers, coffee machines

Clothing, Footwear, Knives, Utensils, Pastry, Cookware, Cutlery, Crockery, Tablewear, Glassware, Barware, Janitorial, Lighting, Hotel room products, Safety equipment, Catering equipment, Refrigeration, Trolleys and shelving, Furniture, Spare parts

Samsung - Commercial microwave ovens, wine coolers
Dynamic - Salad spinners, vegetable cutters, slicer & shredder, blenders & whisks
Buffalo - Insect killers, contact grills, griddles, grills, fryers, rice cookers, induction hobs,convection ovens, soup kettles, water boilers, bain marie, coffee machine, mixers, back bar chillers, ice cube makers, refrigerated counters, refrigerated cabinets, salad / pizza prep counters
Ital - Food slicers
Waring Commercial - Panini grills, fryers, corkscrew, bar blenders, kitchen blenders, juice extractor, food processing, ice crusher, knife sharpener, toaster, waffle maker, convection oven
Santos - Juicers, drinks dispensers, vegetable slicers
Burco - Toasters, catering kettles, water boilers, coffee percolators, coffee makers, boiling tops, bains marie, fryers, griddles, handwash stations, grills, oven range


Combi Steamers, Combination Microwave Ovens, Microwave Ovens, Fat Free Regeneration Ovens, Induction Hobs, Commercial Dishwashers, Commercial Glasswashers, Pass thru Dishwashers, Air Purifiers, Back Bar Displays, Chest Bottle Coolers, Chest Freezers, Chilled Storage Cabinets, Coldrooms, Counter Top Displays, Freezer Storage Cabinets, Icemakers, Multi Deck Displays, Serve-over Counters, Wine Dispensers, Worktop Counters

Sanyo - Commercial Microwaves
Quick'n'Crispy - Fat Free Regeneration Fryers
Corecco - Combi Steam Ovens, Commercial Refrigeration
Leventi - Combi Steam, Bake Off, Booster Ovens
Valera - Induction Hobs, Commercial Refrigeration
Adler - Warewashing
Whirlpool - Semi Professional Dishwasher, Commercial Laundry, Cold Iron System
Vestfrost - Chest Freezers
Friulinox - Blast Chillers, Coldrooms
Autonumis - Back Bar Bottle Coolers
Osborne - Back Bar Bottle Coolers
Master Frost - Ice Makers
Enfrigo - Wine Coolers, Display Refrigeration
Victor Manufacturing

Victor Manufacturing

Hot Cupboards, Plate Dispensers, Kitchen Servery, Hot Holding Cabinets, Banquet Systems, Table Topping Displays, Fast Food Toppers, Modular Servery Counters, Heated Displays, Refrigerated Displays, Deli Bars, Patisserie Displays, Drop in units, Custom Counters

Ambassador - Hot Cupboards
Banquetline - Food Holding Cabinets
Caribbean - Table Topping Displays
Sorrento - Refrigerated Table Top Displays
Caribbean - Modular Servery Counters
Jamaican - Flexible Food Service Solutions
Impressions - Modular Counters
Showline - Heavy Duty Display Cases
Synergy - Counter Drop-ins
Williams Refrigeration

Williams Refrigeration

Upright Gastronorm Cabinets, Upright Non-Gastrnorm Cabinets, Gastronorm Counters, Prep Counters, Banquetting, Backbar Refrigeration, Blast Chillers, Thaw Cabinets, Coldrooms, Marine Refrigeration, Bakery Refrigeration

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