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Grease Interceptor Systems

Mechline Bioceptor FOGS Management System

Mechline Bioceptor FOGS Management System

Mechline Bioceptor FOGS Management System

Price: 770.00
(924.00 Including VAT at 20%)

Mechline's BioCeptor is a combined FOGS intercept and treatment system designed to retain and break down Fats, Oils, Grease and Starches (FOGS) to prevent them from entering the drainage system. The system utilises GreasePak's proven biological treatment solution in conjunction with a new FOGS Intercept and Treatment (F.I.T) unit. Optimally designed to maximise the retention and management of FOGS onsite.

The GreasePak Multi-Strain Grease Degrader (MSGD) bio-fluid transforms the F.I.T unit into an active biological treatment zone. MSGD fluid is a highly concentrated active bio-fluid specially formulated to degrade FOGS. It is naturally occurring, nonpathogenic and contains in excess of 500 million bacteria per gram. The GreasePak dosing module delivers a daily dose of bio-fluid into the BioCeptor to prevent the build-up of FOGS.

Helps foodservice operators meet with legislative demands to have an effective means of grease removal.

The only bioremediation system to be BBA-approved as an effective form of grease removal

GreasePaK GPK DMi - Dosing Unit
Compact automatic dosing system
Battery operated (mains powered available as special order - will increase lead time for delivery)
Easy to install and operate - No water or electrical connections required
Affordable, easy to manage and clean with built-in buzzer to remind you to replace fluid
Meets Building Regulations for an effective means of grease removal
Most powerful, multi-strain, bio-fluid of its type - degrades FOGs into simple molecules that cannot reform or solidify
Bio-fluid is 100% natural and safe
Use alone or with grease traps
Less chance of foul odours and less chance of attracting vermin and pests.
Environmentally responsible
Discreet wall mounted unit - takes up no floor space
Easy to change dosing time and MSGD fuild volume
Battery life of up to 2 years
Lockable door
410mm x 186mm x 499mm
One year parts and labour warranty

First BioCeptor's F.I.T unit slows down the flow of wastewater discharged from a food service operation, intercepting FOGS through the design of internal baffles
Within the BioCeptor's FOGS Intercept & Treatment unit (F.I.T) FOGS are intercepted and degraded by the specially formulated bio-fluid so they cannot reform or solidify
Frequency of emptying the F.I.T unit is greatly reduced and you will help to maintain free flowing drains within the premises and the sewage system
Easy to remove baffles to facilitate easy cleaning and maintenance
Easy to remove, mechanical lid fittings for engineers to access tank - no special tool needed.
Stylish, rounded modern design - no sharp corners for organic waste to collect. Made from high strength injection moulded high-density polypropylene
Quick disconnect cleaning kit - designed for easy cleaning and with hygiene in mind
All materials are recyclable
Simple to install, supplied with universal fittings (R to L or L to R)
Air tight chamber with sealed lid. Reduced Odours / Infestation risk
Optimised inner working design to maximise the retention of FOGS
Supplied with four adjustable levelling feet, which can help compensate for uneven floors and can help to create a flow fall through the F.I.T unit if required
Battery life of up to 2 years
678mm x 483mm x 428mm
Ten year warranty on the tank and lid

Available as Battery Operated or Mains Operated
Initial commissioning of the BioCeptor system and staff training is complimentary
Service which involves 'Emptying ,Cleaning & Management of the BioCeptor' available on request

GreasePaK GPK MSGD Bio-Enzymatic Solution
Multi Strain Grease Degrader, contained in 5 litre box
Highly effective and environmentally friendly
Easy to store, handle, locate and connect
Simple twist on / off connector - no spills
Considered the most powerful product of its type
Class 1, Bio-degradable, non-hazardous product
A 5 litre box will last about 28-30 days

Unit supplier with 1x 5 litre Bio-Enzymatic dosing fluid


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