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Hard Coat Anodised Aluminium Pizza Pans

Alphin Pans Hard Coat 1.5" Deep Anodised Pizza Pan

Alphin Pans Hard Coat 1.5

Alphin Pans Hard Coat 1.5" Deep Anodised Pizza Pan

Total Price: 8.38
(10.06 Including VAT at 20%)

The Hard Coat Anodise is a process which is only applied to aluminium pans, this hardens the surface of the aluminium and makes the underlying pan more durable
A natural result of this process is the change in colour of the aluminium from silver to a deep, dark grey
Hard coat anodised pans is that due to their dark colouration they absorb the heat very well and produce a very even bake
Excellent for proofing dough and available in base diameters of 7" to 14"
1.5" deep


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