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Mileta Food Preparation Starter Sign Pack (FPRPK)

Mileta Food Preparation Starter Sign Pack (FPRPK)

Mileta Food Preparation Starter Sign Pack (FPRPK)

Help staff conform with Health and Safety requirements
Reduces the risk of food contamination, accidents and injuries
Makes staff more aware of potential hazards
Promotes confidence with staff, customers and health and safety officers
Ideal for restaurants, cafés, hotels, pubs, bistros e.t.c.
Self adhesive vinyl notices
Easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth

Each food preparation sign pack contains one of the following signs:
Preventing food poisoning - 300mm x 200mm
Cool chill guidelines - 300mm x 200mm
Safe use of knives - 300mm x 200mm
Wash hands after etc... 300mm x 200mm
No smoking staff offence - 300mm x 200mm
Personal items - 300mm x 200mm
All cuts abrasions covered - 300mm x 200mm
Sink for food equipment - 100mm x 200mm
Sink for hand wash - 100mm x 200mm
Sink for food wash - 100mm x 200mm
Food prep area - 100mm x 200mm
Not drinking water - 150mm x 100mm
Drinking water - 90mm x 230mm
Leave basin clean - 100mm x 100mm
Chopping boards / knives - 160mm x 230mm  

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Price: 23.18
(27.82 Including VAT at 20%)

Normal Delivery 1-3 working days - direct
Supplier Reference : M1
Product Status : DS

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