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Food Waste Recycling

IMC WastePro II Food Waste Dewaterer (F78/020)

IMC WastePro II Food Waste Dewaterer (F78/020)

IMC WastePro II Food Waste Dewaterer (F78/020)

Price: 5,791.00
(6,949.20 Including VAT at 20%)

Suitable for connection to an IMC food waste disposer of between 1.1kW and 4kW (excluding 500 series and 04X models)

Food waste is processed at source by the food waste disposer which is then discharged to the WastePro. The WastePro separates solids from liquids, discharging the semidry solid waste, reduced in volume by up to 80% into a container. This then leaves the residual liquid waste to flow into the drains.

Capacity: 700kg Disposal per hour (1450 covers)
Electrical loading: 1.9kW 8.3A 230V~
820mm x 452mm x 982mm
Allowance should be made for 150mm at the rear of the unit for services
One year parts and labour warranty


IMC WasteStation Macerator and Dewaterer (F79/010)

IMC WasteStation Macerator and Dewaterer (F79/010)

IMC WasteStation Macerator and Dewaterer (F79/010)

Price: 10,200.00
(12,240.00 Including VAT at 20%)

Food waste comprises of up to 80% liquid and can be extremely costly to dispose of. WasteStation grinds the food waste into fine particles, these particles feed directly into the built-in dewatering system. Through centrifugal action, the WasteStation forces out the excess liquid from the macerated waste. This “grey water” is fed directly to drain, the resulting solid fraction of the food waste is collected in small, easily managed, lidded bins, ready for onward processing.

High capture rates improve the quality of the “grey water” going to drain (less suspended solid particles) aiding local water authority approval.

Following each operation the machine undertakes a quick rinse cycle preventing any build up of food.

Range of screen sizes - Giving the option to recover greater waste levels or concentrate on pure volume reduction.

Fully enclosed system - Prevents food entering the unit, keeping the machine clean and free of waste and reducing operational noise.

Self cleaning operation - WasteStation can undertake a thorough clean ensuring the whole system is free of food and grease, vastly reducing the labour time required to operate the machine.

Self emptying – This eliminates the need for staff to empty the auger assembly reducing labour times required to operate the machine.

Visual control panel - Kitchens are a noisy environment, WasteStation incorporates a simple LED display to allow monitoring of the state of the equipment during operation.

Intelligent electronic sensor – Detects when the bin is full

Capacity: 700Kg per hour / 1450 covers
Water consumption: 12 litres per minute
Energy cost: £0.64 (typical per day)
Noise: 62dB (running) / 70dB (in use with raw food)
Electrical loading: 4.1kW 400V 3N~
1000mm x 700mm x 900mm
150mm allowance should be made at the rear for services
One year parts and labour warranty


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