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Alphin Pans 1.5" Deep Aluminium Pizza Pan

Alphin Pans 1.5" Deep Aluminium Pizza Pan

Alphin Pans 1.5

Aluminium pans do not need to be seasoned as they will not rust, however it is generally considered wise to oil pans as this helps to create a non-stick finish as well as darkening the pan
Aluminium pans are available in base diameters of 6" to 16"
They work well in deck ovens
The round rim adds strength and eliminates sharp edges
Ideal for proofing dough
Easily removed from oven with an oven mitt
1.5" deep 

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Total Price: 4.29
(5.15 Including VAT at 20%)

Normal Delivery 2-3 working days - direct
Supplier Reference : A5
Product Status : DS

Select Size
 7" (TPPR.07.15.HA) 4.29
 8" (TPPR.08.15.HA) 4.49
 9" (TPPR.09.15.HA) 4.90
 10" (TPPR.10.15.HA) 5.46
 11" (TPPR.11.15.HA) 6.61
 12" (TPPR.12.15.HA) 7.20
 13" (TPPR.13.15.HA) 7.63
 14" (TPPR.14.15.HA) 8.75
 15" (TPPR.15.15.HA) 9.45
 16" (TPPR.16.15.HA) 10.64

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