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CookTek PTDS Pizza Thermal Delivery Charger

CookTek PTDS Pizza Thermal Delivery Charger

CookTek PTDS Pizza Thermal Delivery Charger

Fast, easy to use -- and it works!

Nobody orders a cold, soggy pizza, so why deliver one? The Pizza Thermal Delivery System (PTDS) from CookTek® offers unparalleled performance when it comes to maintaining temperature and limiting moisture content.

The systems are comprised of a specially designed lightweight thermal disc, a system specific bag, and an induction charger base. The disc resides hidden inside the bag and is only ever removed when the bag needs replacing or laundering. Once a bag containing a disc is placed on the induction charger base, it automatically heats up. A red light shows that charging is taking place. The light changes to green when that bag is hot and ready for use. Simple. Cordless. Dependable.

The disc contains a special magnetic alloy that heats up when placed in the alternating magnetic field located just above the charger’s surface. Once hot enough, the alloy stops being magnetic and ceases to heat any further. The alloy is encased in a special plastic that is designed to retain and slowly release the stored heat.

Designed for 16” (40cm) large pizzas
Complete system is comprised of an PTDS charger, plus a number of bags (typically 5-10), plus an equal number of pellets
Pellet is inserted semi-permanently in a bag (removed for bag cleaning/replacement)
Bag is heated by placing on the PTDS charger
Bag will hold three pizzas
Bags and pellets sold separately
Initial charge in 2.5 minutes or less
Recharges in 60 seconds (avg.)
No-leak, solid-to-solid phase change pellet material keeps pizzas hot for up to a 45 minute delivery
Lightweight pellet and bag weigh 3.7 lbs/1.7 kg
Extremely easy to implement with no delivery bag cord, no maintenance, and no extra labor steps
Charger does not produce any heat on the locator surface
Charger performs self-diagnostic features and alerts user in the event of an error
User-friendly membrane panel and lighted displays are easy to understand and operate
Charger manufactured and designed to handle exposure to flour, dust, oil, grease, and various other food substances found in food establishments
Charger unit manufactured and designed to operate on a standard countertop or “dropped-in” to a custom shelving unit
Electrical loading: 1.8kW 8A 230V~
495mm x 541mm x 217mm
Three years return to base warranty on charger and heating element
90 Days return to base warranty on bag - defect only, fair wear and tear excluded 

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Price: 1,980.00
(2,376.00 Including VAT at 20%)

Normal Delivery 2-3 working days - direct
Supplier Reference : M12
Product Status : DS

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