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Granuldisk Granule Solo Front Loading Utensil Washer

Granuldisk Granule Solo Front Loading Utensil Washer

Granuldisk Granule Solo Front Loading Utensil Washer

Granule Solo - The Modern And Innovative Pot Washing Solution

A stand alone solutions that fits into a space less than 1m2 this machine will clean pots and pans day after day to the highest hygiene standards complying with international regulations. Due to the high wash temperatures and blasting power of the granules you can expect perfect results in a matter of minutes, using far less water, energy and chemicals than traditional pot washing

From dirty to clean in three minutes without pre-washing this machine is sure to save you time and money, simply scrape or loose remains, load pans into the machine and press start. The blasting power of the patented PowerGranules will remove all food remains in a matter of minutes. The machine will then fnish in a rinse cycle ensuring items are hygienically cleaned before returning to the kitchen.

Choose between using granules and high pressure water or water alone depending on whether you are loading heavily soiled items or sensitive dishware.

Potential Savings (based on 800 meals a day for 300 days of the year):
Up to 2000 litres per day or 600,000 litres per year or water compared to manual washing in sinks
Up to 4 litres per day or 1300 litres per year of chemicals
Less staff costs as you will have clean pots in three minutes without pre-washing saving hours every day

Technical Data:
Wash programmes with Granules: 3 minutes and 5 minutes
With programmes without Granules: 2 minutes and 4 minutes
Wash temperature: 55-65°C
Rinse temperature: 85°C
Loading volume: 220 litres
Granule volume: 8 litres
Max capacity per hour: 96 1/1 gastronorm containers or similar in other pots
Capacity per programme: 6no 1/1 gastronorm containers (up to 65mm deep)
Electrical loading:
Cold fill - 16.7kW 400V 3N~ (3 x 32A)
Hot fill - 11.7kW 400V 3N~ (3 x 25A)
1025mm x 888mm x 1744mm
One year parts and labour warranty

Please note this machine requires pre-softened water

Granuldisk Granule Solo Front Loading Utensil Washer Brochure AdobePDF

Warranty Power Water Drain Heavy Large Survey 

Carriage Infomation

Normal Delivery Please contact us for availability
Supplier Reference : G4
Product Status : DS

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