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IMC Bartender Plain Bridge

IMC Bartender Plain Bridge

IMC Bartender Plain Bridge

Plain bridge worktop for the IMC Bartender Modular Bar System
Plain worktop with void under
Avaliable in four sizes
Bartender Units are 950mm high (850mm to worktop) x 560mm deep (475mm to worktop)
Bridge tops are 150mm high

Please note that this unit is a bridge top only without sides or legs, bridges and infills require a full unit either side to support the top and are not designed to go at the end of a run. Where bridges are used an additional leg frame is required for the unit next to it.

We can offer full design and installation packages on our range of stainless steel modular bar systems - please contact us for further details 

Carriage Infomation

Total Price: 243.00
(291.60 Including VAT at 20%)

Normal Delivery - Please contact us on 01476 593062 for availability
Supplier Reference : L1
Product Status : DS

Select Width
 300mm (BZ09/030) 228.00
 400mm (BZ09/040) 243.00
 500mm (BZ09/050) 258.00
 600mm (BZ09/060) 258.00
 700mm (BZ09/070) 264.00
 800mm (BZ09/080) 272.00
 900mm (BZ09/090) 278.00
 1000mm (BZ09/100) 284.00

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