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IMC SP25 Potato Peeler

IMC SP25 Potato Peeler

IMC SP25 Potato Peeler

Flexible hose or plumbed in
Waste outlet on either side
Thickly gritted non-rusting cast aluminium peeler plate
Carborundum non-rusting stainless steel reversible cylinder liners
Motor and water inlet designed to run quietly
Hygienic brushed stainless steel finish
Water & waste drain from the cylinder base aided by large cast paddles under the peeler plate
Up to 250kg of potatoes peeled per hour
Class 'A' air break with brass fan nozzle
25kg (56lb) capacity
300kg per hour
0.75kW motor
220/240-1-50 15A or 400-3-50 5A
Two years parts and labour warranty

Low pedestal model:
Discharge height: 650mm
Dimensions: 564mm x 725mm x 1080mm

High pedestal model:
Discharge height: 930mm
Dimensions: 564mm x 725mm x 1360mm 

Carriage Infomation

Total Price: 2,874.00
(3,448.80 Including VAT at 20%)

Normal Delivery 3-10 working days - direct
Supplier Reference : L1
Product Status : DS

Select Model
 SP25 - Three Phase (F58/911) 2,874.00
 SP25 - Single Phase (F58/910) 2,977.00
 SP25H - Three Phase (F58/913) 2,916.00
 SP25H - Single Phase (F58/912) 3,019.00

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