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IMC WasteStation Compact 2 Food Compactor And Dewaterer

IMC WasteStation Compact 2 Food Compactor And Dewaterer

IMC WasteStation Compact 2 Food Compactor And Dewaterer

Food waste typically represents around 40% of total commercial catering waste. Of this 40%, approximately 77% is liquid. The WasteStation Compact grinds the food waste into fine particles, these particles feed directly into the built-in dewatering system. Through centrifugal action, the WasteStation forces out the excess liquid from the macerated waste. This “grey water” is fed directly to drain, the resulting solid fraction of the food waste is collected in small, easily managed, lidded bins, ready for onward processing

A solution for your business - process up to 400 kg waste per hour, the equivalent of 850 covers per sitting. As fast as you can input the waste, the WasteStation Compact can process it

Reduce your carbon footprint - reduce the amount of food waste being sent to landfill. By removing water from food waste this reduces the final volume of waste to be disposed of
Save on valuable floor space - with a unit which is more compact than bulky alternative models, without having to upgrade to a remote dewaterer
Transport savings - reduce waste collection costs by up to 80% by reducing the food waste volume and weight requiring collection
Storage savings - by reducing the waste volume, on site waste storage facility requirements are also reduced
Labour savings - reduce staff time processing and managing waste, fast efficient disposal of food waste as and when you need to, with no schedule
Energy savings - compact design and short processing times ensure low operating costs and minimal use of kitchen floor space

Self-cleaning operation - WasteStation can undertake a thorough clean, ensuring the whole system is free of food and grease
Self-emptying - eliminates the need for staff to empty the auger assembly, reducing labour times required to operate the machine. Intelligent electronic sensor detects when the bin is full
Visual control panel - kitchens are a noisy environment, so WasteStation incorporates a simple LED display to allow monitoring of the state of the equipment during operation
Maximise kitchen hygiene - fully enclosed system prevents food entering the unit, keeping the machine clean and free of waste, and reducing operational noise. Following each operation, the machine undertakes a quick self-rinse cycle, preventing any build-up of food

WRAS complient
IP55 rated
Covers per sitting: 850
Capacity per hour: 400kg
Water consumption: 10 litres per minute
Drain connection: 2"
Water connection: 3/4" BSP
Operating decibels: 83
Weight: 95kg net
Electrical loading: 4.1kW 10.3A 230V~ (16amp commando plug) or 2.4kW 400V 3N~
600mm x 700mm x 1044mm
Two years parts and labour warranty 

Carriage Infomation

Total Price: 8,888.00
(10,665.60 Including VAT at 20%)

Normal Delivery - please contact us for availability
Supplier Reference : L1
Product Status : DS

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 F79/701 - Singe Phase 8,888.00
 F79/703 - Three Phase 8,888.00

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