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Lainox Calfree Anti Scale (CCF05 x 4)

Lainox Calfree Anti Scale (CCF05 x 4)

Lainox Calfree Anti Scale (CCF05 x 4)

Anti-scale, non toxic and enviromentally friendly product specific to prevent scale formation in the steam generator
When regularly used it keeps the steam generator free from lime-scale
Exclusive for the CAL-OUT system
Container size: 4.5 litres
Pack size: box of 4

This anti-scaler suits the following Lainox combination ovens:
Naboo 071 / 072 / 101 / 102 models
Sapiens 071 / 072 / 101 / 102 models
All Naboo and Sapiens compact models
CBEN / CBES models 

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Price: 149.00
(178.80 Including VAT at 20%)

Normal Delivery 1-2 working days - direct
Supplier Reference : F2
Product Status : DS

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