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Britannia REF50 Refresh Mini Ductless Air Recirculation Unit (Y10030)

Britannia REF50 Refresh Mini Ductless Air Recirculation Unit (Y10030)

Britannia REF50 Refresh Mini Ductless Air Recirculation Unit (Y10030)

The Britannia Refresh Mini is designed to accommodate a single piece of equipment up to 500mm wide. It can be used as an extension to existing ventilation, to help increase the output with minimal disruption.

Refresh is designed for use where venting to the atmosphere is impossible, difficult or costly:

Listed buildings and conservation areas
Basement kitchens
Office blocks with limited access for ventilation
Where ventilation systems would otherwise need to go through a firebreak (and therefore increase fire risk)
Concession areas within airports, train stations and concourses
Buildings with restricted planning consent
To increase capacity or help with menu changes, which call for additional equipment in existing kitchens

The Refresh range also provides a safer, more comfortable kitchen environment, thanks to the unique four-stage filtration process, which removes grease, fine particulate, smoke, and most odour.

Four stage filtration:

1: Double frame construction strong stainless steel baffle filter
2: High capacity continuous fibre filter removes mid to small particles
3: A HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrester), Absolute air filter, reduces smoke and fine grease particles
4: Activated carbon filters remove airborne pollutants, contaminants and reduce cooking odours

Suitable for equipment up to 500mm wide
Air movement 0.25m3/sec (clean)
Electrical loading: 0.65A 230V~
550mm x 756mm x 2185mm
Two years parts and labour warranty

Suitable for use with electric catering equipment only (the unit will not remove products of combustion such as CO or CO2 from the recycled air).

Recirculating units do not include equipment to reduce extracted air temperatures. This may be of benefit in cold weather but consideration should be given to the provision of cooling within the kitchen space when warmer conditions prevail.

Replacement filters available on our website:-
Lincat SE100/100 G4 Filter Set
Lincat SE100/103 Carbon Filter
Lincat SE100/106 HEPA Filter
Lincat SE100/109 Baffle Filter 

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Price: 5,225.00
(6,270.00 Including VAT at 20%)

Normal Delivery 1 - 2 working weeks - direct
Supplier Reference : L1
Product Status : DS

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