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Philips TPX15-18 15W 18" 368nm UV Tube

Philips TPX15-18 15W 18" 368nm UV Tube

Philips TPX15-18 15W 18

High performance 368nm Ultra Violet tube for electronic fly killers
18" long

Correct replacement tube for:
Insect-O-Cutor D-Light Commercial (ZL048)
Insect-O-Cutor D-Light Discreet (ZL047)
Insect-O-Cutor Edge 30 (ZF105)
Insect-O-Cutor Excalibur EXC 30 (ZE014)
Insect-O-Cutor Eurokill 30 (Z061 and Z064)
Insect-O-Cutor Exocutor EX30
Insect-O-Cutor Flytrap Commercial 30 (ZF002)
Insect-O-Cutor FTP30 (ZF031 and ZF028)
Insect-O-Cutor Halo 15 (HL15)
Insect-O-Cutor Halo 2 x 30 (HL2X30)
Insect-O-Cutor Halo 30 (HL30)
Insect-O-Cutor Halo 45 (HL45)
Insect-O-Cutor Halo 30 (1st Generation) (ZF100)
Insect-O-Cutor Halo 45 (1st Generation) (ZF101)
Insect-O-Cutor Halo 60 (1st Generation) (ZF102)
Insect-O-Cutor Halo 2 x 30 (1st Generation) (ZF103)
Insect-O-Cutor Luralite Professional 30 White (ZL015)
Insect-O-Cutor Luralite Plus (ZL050)
Insect-O-Cutor PlusLight 30 White (ZF043)
Insect-O-Cutor PlusLight 60 Stainless Steel (ZF044)
Insect-O-Cutor Satalite 30 (ZL022) 

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Price: 4.67
(5.60 Including VAT at 20%)

Normal Delivery 2-3 working days - direct
Supplier Reference : P2
Product Status : DS

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