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Retigo Orange Vision O1221 Steam Combi Oven

Retigo Orange Vision  O1221 Steam Combi Oven

Retigo Orange Vision  O1221 Steam Combi Oven

Please contact us for competitive pricing on supply and installation on Retigo ovens

Outstanding steam cooking results
The advanced Retigo Vision steam generation system ensures great colour, taste and consistency of prepared meals, while retaining the maximum amount of vitamins and nutrients.

Ideal colour and crispiness of meals
The option to select moisture percentage will ensure an ideal environment for the cooked food. If equipped with a flap*, the Retigo Vision is able to perform a quick and efficient cooking chamber dehumidification. This results in
a perfect crispiness and accurate food colour.

Less stress in the kitchen
The option to cook multiple meals simultaneously in the same mode with varying cooking times, and without smell or flavour cross-contamination helps to increase the kitchen‘s capacity. Using the overnight cooking or baking at low temperatures option will give you more time during morning peak hours, thus enhancing the yield of the cooked food. All of this under HACCP control.

All cooking technologies contained in a single appliance
The Retigo Vision is a single cooking system for the majority of cooking methods (cooking, boiling, baking, stewing, frying, grilling, toasting, confit, cooking under vacuum – Sous-Vide, canning, dehydrating, blanching, leavening, smoking, curing, low temperature procedures, keeping warm and meal regeneration).

Comfortable cooking without the risk of injury
Crosswise racks ensure the safe handling of gastronorm containers and provide a perfect view of the cooking process in the individual racks. Smaller gastronorm containers in a single drawer simply side by side on stainless racks or
dedicated adapters.

Minimal risk of burns
The unique triple-glazed door glass solution reduces its surface temperature and eliminates the risk of burns. The automatic fan stop prevents the dangerous release of steam when the combi oven door is opened, and coupled
with a double opening door ensures maximum safety.

Easy combi oven opening
Ergonomic handle shape makes sure that the combi oven door is easy to handle and the maintenance is easy. By using silver ions, significant reduction of the amount of bacteria present on the handle surface was achieved and
as a result, hygienic risks were minimised.

Guaranteed to meet hygiene standards
Precise workmanship inside the cooking chamber with curved edges increases the efficiency of the automatic cleaning and prevents the accumulation of dirt. The HACCP system automatically records everything that happens
inside the Retigo Vision combi oven, stored data can downloaded on to a PC.

Absolute focus on cooking
Easy control without a manual, perfect overview in every moment thanks to a large and clear digital control panel.

No more unpleasant delays
Immediate response of the control buttons allows you to quickly set the cooking parameters.

Everything you need is located on the main screen
Simple and fast cooking without any redundant control panel buttons.

Energy savings
Two-stage water preheater utilises heat from waste steam and, in combination with the unique triple-glazed door glass solution and 50 mm thick thermal insulation, reduces cooking costs to a minimum.

Economical cleaning
The unique automatic Retigo Active Cleaning system ensures perfect cleanliness of the Retigo Vision combi oven while minimising water consumption and saving money on detergents.

Unbeatable return on investment
Low operating costs, long lifetime, affordable service and repairs, and an outstanding price-toquality ratio delivers great return on investment.

Kitchen space savings
Retigo Vision can substitute even several classic kitchen appliances with much less space. In addition, with a provably higher yield and raw material processing efficiency.

• Hot air 30 – 300 °C
• Combination 30 – 300 °C
• Steaming 30 – 130 °C
• Bio steaming 30 – 98 °C
• Over night cooking – Saves time and money.
• Advanced steam generation system – Two-step water preheating with in-built heat exchanger for perfect steam cooking results.
• Crosswise racks – Safer and comfortable GN handling. Better product visual control.
• Regeneration/banqueting – Cook, chill and regenerate to serve more diners in shorther times.
• Low temperature cooking – Benefit from less weight loss, better taste.
• Automatic preheating/cooling minimises the loading temperature drop. Start cooking with the desired temperature.
• Sous-vide, Drying, Sterilization, Confit, Smoking – Great way to make your menu special.*

Vision Controls
• Touch panel – Fast controls covered by high protective foil . Gives immediate reaction on commands, makes panel seamless and easy to clean.
• Continuous cooking time option - Saves your time during busy operations.
• Automatic start – The ability to schedule a delayed start.

Other equipment
• 7 Fan speeds and fan stop function
• 99 Programs with 9 steps (Optional)
• Active Cleaning – Low-cost automatic cleaning. No chef‘s time spent on cleaning any more.
• Tripple glazed door glass - Advanced energy savings and external glass that does not burn you.
• Auto-reversing fan – Excellent evenness to deliver high product color and texture uniformity.
• Massive door handle – Comfortable and safe handling with silver ion material contain for bacteria reduction.
• AISI 304 stainless steel – Exceptional quality with a special coating for a extended life time.
• Hygienic cooking chamber with round inner corners – Trouble free maintenance.
• Run-off tray under the door – No slipping on wet floor.
• Two water inlets – Saves a water treatment unit‘s capacity.
• WSS (Water Saving System) – Special drain system & in-built heat exchanger to save water related cost.
• Removable GN holders with 65 mm spacing

• USB plug-in – Transfer useful data easily to and from the combi oven.
• VisionCombi software – Program and pictogram management in your PC, HACCP data view.

Operation logs
• HACCP records – Easy and immediate analysis of critical cooking points.
• Complete operating records

* unit options

Available as electric advanced direct, electric boiler or gas injection models
Capacity: 400-600 meals
12 x 2/1GN + 1 extra tray
Temperature: 30-300°C
Water inlet: G 3/4"
Drain connection: 50mm
1111mm x 961mm x 1343mm
Two years parts and labour warranty

O1221i - Electric advanced direct system
Electric loading: 36.9kW 400V 3N~

O1221b - Electric boiler steam combi oven
Electric loading: 36.9kW 400V 3N~

O1221ig - Gas injection steam combi oven
Gas loading: 45kW
Electric loading: 1.28kW 230V~ 10A

Retigo Orange Vision BrochureAdobePDF
Retigo Orange Vision O1221 AdobePDF

Warranty Power Gas Water Drain Heavy Large Survey 

Carriage Infomation

Normal Delivery approx 10-15 working days
Supplier Reference : R8
Product Status : DS

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 O1221i Electric Injection System 0.00
 O1221b Electric Boiler Systen 0.00
 O1221g Gas Injection System 0.00

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