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Unox Bakerlux SPEED.Pro Multifunction High Speed / Bakery Convection Oven (XESW-03HS-EDDN)

Unox Bakerlux SPEED.Pro Multifunction High Speed / Bakery Convection Oven (XESW-03HS-EDDN)

Unox Bakerlux SPEED.Pro Multifunction High Speed / Bakery Convection Oven (XESW-03HS-EDDN)

SPEED.Pro™ is the first ever baking speed oven: a convection oven and a speed oven in a single piece of equipment. Small footprint, maximum profit.

Maximum speed - Triple cooking:
1 CONVECTION - External golden browning
2 MICROWAVE - Fast internal heating
3 CONDUCTION - Crusty toasting by contact

Bake - 3 trays 460 x 330mm -The spacious baking chamber with the double-speed fan is ideal to grant fragrant and browned baked goods. Conquer your customer, diversify your offer, increase your profit.

Speed - 1 tray 450 x 330mm - The plate for speed mode makes it possible to heat both single and multiple portions of food in seconds. Service times are halved, your profits doubled.

SPEED.Pro™ Display
Bake interface - The BAKE mode allows you to carry out convection baking programs made of several steps, store the most used programs or use the automatic CHEFUNOX programs.Ideal for frozen bakery products, but also capable of cooking other types of food, it allows you to reduce the cooking process times by inserting one or more steps that combine convection and microwaves.
Speed interface - The SPEED mode allows you to quickly heat up any type of food, memorise the most used programs or use the SPEEDUNOX automatic processes. The oven remains at working temperature even during the stand-by phases to always be ready and to heat up your dishes in seconds. ADAPTIVE.Cooking technology automatically adjusts the cooking process according to the actual food load.

DATA DRIVEN COOKING allows you to control your oven at any time, anywhere. You can monitor its operating conditions in real-time, create recipes and send them to your ovens. The AI transforms the consumption data into useful information in order to increase your daily profit.

Additional Features & Technical Specification:
ADAPTIVE.Cooking™: automatically regulates the cooking parameters to ensure repeatable results
SMART.Preheating: sets automatically the temperature and the duration of the preheating
AUTO.Soft: manages the heat rise to make it more delicate
SPEED.Plus: generates microwaves and distributes them evenly throughout the baking chamber
DRY.Plus: extracts humidity from the cooking chamber
Touch screen control
Up to 384 programs with up to 9 cooking steps
24 fast programs (12 speed & 12 bake)
Stainless steel AISI 304 cooking chamber
Baking chamber with integrated tray supports
Visual display of the baking status by means of multicoloured LEDs
Crumb collection system integrated in the filter under the door
Proximity door contact switch
Pan spacing: 75mm
Weight: 88kg
Electrical loading: 6.6kW 400V 3N~
600mm x 797mm x 541mm
One year parts and labour warranty

In order to validate the warranty the oven it must be commissioned by Unox Authorised Service Partner. If the unit isn't being installed by an Unox Authorised Service Partner please select the commissioning option so the warranty can be validated 

Carriage Infomation

Price: 5,131.00
(6,157.20 Including VAT at 20%)

Normal Delivery 1-2 weeks - direct
Supplier Reference : U3
Product Status : DS

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